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You might be able to find content about Armed Assault 2:Operation Arrowhead and from the BAF&PMC Addons on this side.As well Selfmade/Modified user missions and a few more things from time to time.This page is still Underconstruction,so it could be that some parts not working yet.I am kinda busy and most of the days stucked in my lovely Editor. Best regars,Rooty Localhost | =DEIN=LOCALHOST for deinclan.net =)

Latest News

Rooty working on a "30Vs30 PvP" Mission

Fixed a few bugs on my upcoming Dynamic CO-Mission.

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UN Troops

UN Troops waiting for orders in Fallujah City, Iraq.

AH64D Longbow

An AH64D Longbow,from the 2-155th Aviation Regiment "Black Dawn" attacking the Fallujah City Air Port.

M1A2 Tusk

Two M1A2 Tusk's from the 4th Armor Division moving in after gun battle near Fallujah city.

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